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Paleo Dessert Recipes

Desserts are something that can throw a curveball into the Paleo Diet plan. Unnatural sweeteners and starch-rich carbs found in most desserts dramatically raise insulin levels. Sweets oftentimes are a trainwreck waiting to happen, but with kids, birthdays, and other parties, they are bound to come into play now and then. The Paleo diet has some delicious paleo dessert recipes that can make the transition easier without a gluten-induced stomach ache or making bad food choices. It’s not recommended to have a dessert after every meal, Paleo-friendly treats can halt serious cravings for those bad-for-you desserts you loved so much before you began the diet.

These whole food substitutions can be used to prepare tasty Paleo-friendly sweets that will satisfy you and your family.

Raw Honey – Honey is a great sugar substitute and what is known as a ‘true’ Paleo sweetener, as it can be eaten straight from the tree. But despite its whole-food quality, it is still a high-calorie food and can spike insulin levels and must be used sparingly.

Almond Flour – You can make a nutrient-rich, high protein flour by grinding almonds. This is perfect for making breads, muffins, and macaroons.

Cocoa – Unsweetened dark chocolate sticks to limited dairy rules and is full of nutritious antioxidants. Dutch cocoa is processed, thus it loses all its nutrients, so go for natural cocoa.

Coconut Oil – This is what is known as a medium chain fatty acid, which travels straight to the liver where it is processed for energy rather than being stored as fat. It also speeds up metabolism while stimulating the thyroid gland. It can be used to add just the right sweetness to many different baked recipes, as well as pancakes.

Pure Vanilla Extract – This is something that should be a staple in the cupboards and pantries of any baker, but it is important to buy the real thing, not imitation.

Nuts – Nuts are high in good fats, which the body needs. Such great nuts to always have on hand are pecans, macademians, hazelnuts, and almonds. Nuts can be used to make pie crusts, candies, and of course spiced nut bread.

Coconut Milk – This is an excellent dairy substitute which contains lauric acid, which is proven to fight HIV, the flu, herpes, and improves the immune system as a whole. Coconut oil can be used to make ice cream, pudding, hot cocoa, and egg nog.

Dates – These are natural sweeteners that don’t add their own flavoring like honey does. They have what are called simple sugars (dextrose and fructose) that are easily digestable and are great for an energy boost. Use by blending in a food processor with wet ingredients when you bake. They are also an excellent, natural way to bind snack bars.

Frozen Fruit – Frozen berries can make for easy desserts, from smoothies to sorbets. You can eat frozen cherries and grapes straight out of the freezer, as well as bananas frozen on a stick or even blended down nice and creamy for a texture similar to ice cream.